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Vandal Proof

Vandal proof locking system 
Closing by means of three fastening points.
The doors hinges are made of aluminium, and are mounted in a specific way, to prevent dismounting from outside and the extraction of the hinge axis.

  • An optional "Piano Hinge" (continuous hinge) can be installed all along the door. The hinges are made of stainless steel or aluminium.
  • In all doors, an optional addition of RFI gaskets is possible according to the customer's requirements.
  • A telescopic stopper will be included in all doors to prevent doors slamming during storms and strong winds.
  • The doors opening could be up to 130º.A micro switch is included in all doors for indication of the door opening and closing status. a special pocket is installed  on the right side of the front door, for storing diagrams.
  • A folding shelves are located on the left side of front door, maintenance technician usage. .

All the back doors and panels are linked through a continuous grounding connection up to a focal point connected to a central grounding bar.

Built by shteeble.com